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-why choose us?-

Brain Gains Therapy Solutions was founded in order to provide therapy services that go beyond the typical clinic experience. Our goal is to empower our clients, and their families, through the therapy process. We strive to provide a family centered, personalized approach to therapy, in order to maximize observable GAINS! We strive to provide services that leave our clients feeling valued, empowered, and part of the therapy process. 

At Brain Gains Therapy, we have extensive experience with a variety of mild to severe speech and language disorders. We keep up to date with the latest relevant research in order to provide high quality diagnostic, and evidence-based interventions to each of our clients. 

We utilize a variety of multi-sensory techniques, sensory integration, interactive technology, video based curriculum, play therapy, and more, in order to customize a tailored intervention plan.


We strive to meet each client right where they are, and then work to get them where they want to be.

We utilize a whole-brain, whole-person approach to intervention in order to maximize GAINS, and to promote generalization of learned skills.

Ongoing family education is always included in our services.

We believe that family involvement is a vital component of the therapy process. Family involvement is crucial when it comes to generalization of learned/re-learned skills. 


When appropriate, family involvement in the therapy environment is recommended, and encouraged.  By observing therapy, parents/families are able to witness first-hand how they can play a role in promoting optimal overall speech and language functioning. 

We provide tools, strategies, and materials that are applicable, and relative, in order to help our families work to promote functional communication, across a variety of settings. 

"We strive to meet each client right where they are, and then work to get them where they want to be."

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