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-what to expect-

Brain Gains Therapy Solutions offers free phone consultations. You will be able to speak with a Licensed and ASHA Certified Speech and Language Pathologist (SLP) to discuss your unique situation, needs, and concerns. 

The SLP will determine if a comprehensive evaluation is necessary based on the client’s performance, concerns, and specific areas of need. 

A current vision/hearing screening/assessment is always recommended as part of the evaluation process. 

All therapy begins with a comprehensive evaluation. Exceptions may be made, provided a copy of a current IEP, and most recent evaluation report completed within the last 6 months.

The evaluation process will consist of an analysis of formal assessments and/or informal assessments, clinical observations/interpretations, parent/family report, developmental history, and relevant medical history.

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Following a comprehensive evaluation, the SLP will identify the client’s present level of functioning, including strengths and areas of need. 

An evaluation report will be provided. 

Holistic, evidence-based, tailored feedback will be provided and explained. Results of any formal assessments will be provided, and explained. All questions/concerns will be addressed, and appropriate referrals will be made. 

If appropriate, the SLP will develop a dynamic Plan of Care (POC), and determine an appropriate therapy schedule.


As a team, you and the SLP will develop a plan to reach your functional, attainable, and measurable therapeutic goals - to be targeted in therapy. #GAINS

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