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-Join our team-

Are you passionate about your patients Therapeutic Gains?
Do you treat every patient as if they were a member of your own family?
Do you want to dictate your own schedule while supplementing your current therapy caseload? Build your caseload, as desired? Conduct yourself as your own boss while leaning on a Team of clinicians? 
Do you want to extend your clinical expertise independently, while simultaneously receiving invaluable support from experienced clinicians? 
We are a family-centered, clinician-run therapy clinic. We take pride in our "unique approach" to connecting with the families and communities that we serve. 
License, ASHA Certification, NPI, & State Medicaid Number, preferred.
We are able to support [perfect fit] candidates. 
Are we a [ perfect fit ] for YOU? 
Let's talk! 

Thanks for reaching out! Talk soon.

Thank you for all that YOU do. 

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